Hi guys, I’m Jen! I used to be a worrywart ever since the age of 12. I easily got sad and afraid. It was when I had my first job waiting on tables that I learned to smile and laugh more rather than feel forlorn about even the smallest things.

You see, I meet different people everyday going into the cafe I worked at. Some were smiling, but more people looked lonely, problematic, angry. And so I told myself I’ll do my best to at least put smiles on their faces — not everyone smiled, but more were either smiling or laughing.

What I did? I always put a big smile on my face and gave them compliments whether I was taking orders, or serving them their food, or taking their payments. Many of those regulars became my friends. Day by day I noticed myself becoming more positive and happier than I’ve ever been.

So now I started this blog because I want to reach out not just to the cafe’s customers, but to anyone online who stumbles across my blog.

Remember: We rise by lifting others.  (Not an original quote — I just saw it online and it’s spot on!)

Jennifer Goldberg