So, you have an incredible idea that you believe would be a smashing online business success. Congratulations, it all starts with that one idea. Your next step is to consider how to make that online business a success.

First, it’s important to realize that every day thousands of individuals make the decision to start an online business. However, the sad truth is that only a small percentage of these individuals will succeed. But not to lose heart, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Many of these individuals fail because they neglect to pay attention to some basic rules in regards to how to run a successful online business. These include the website design, giving visitors a reason to return, being active in responding to visitors, not overselling your visitors, researching the proper way to enter your business in search engines, and remember above all, that your customers are real people.


The Basics of Good Business Website Design

Often, when those new to the online business world begin their website, they have a propensity to go overboard on the design of their site.

For instance, they may be so enamored by the nice offering of widgets, music and gif’s, that they may feel the need to overdo the design a bit. Remember, large graphics, gif’s, music are not only distracting, but they can increase the time it takes for your page to load. People have short attention spans now a days, and chances are if your site takes longer than ten seconds to load, you just lost a prospective customer.

There are other factors to consider as well. Perhaps you found a piece of music you love. What if a potential customer who visits your website dislikes that genre of music? Again, chances are they will just click in the search bar, and look for another business alternative.


Also, consider the text, it’s size and font. This is imperative as you want the visitor to actually read your site content. Keep it simple, and use a dark color for the text, a simple font, such as Arial, on a light background.

Next, remember to take advantage of existing online businesses and their websites. Visit the successful sites such as,,, and spend some time studying their structure and navigation interface. Notice their text fonts and sizes, along with the overall design.


Business Success Depends on Repeat Business

Success for any online business depends on the customers that will come back for more. In order to achieve this, you must create a comfortable, welcoming and responsive environment.

For instance, you add the option for customers to join your newsletter, where you will let them know ahead of time of one day sales, special offers, etc.

Another choice is to write an article to inform your customers of any promotions, sales or new products. When you write these articles, make sure that you choose a catchy topic that will grab their attention. Remember, the continual addition of top of the line content is an excellent way to enhance repeat visitors to your site.


Prompt and Timely Responses to Customer Inquiries

Most online business websites have contact forms and/or email and phone numbers. When someone shows interest in your services, it is imperative that you respond within a short time frame. You do not want to give them time to second guess their decision on your product or services, or worse yet, find someone else.

In order to minimize such scenarios, make sure that you respond quickly. If you will be out of town on business or otherwise engaged, plan to have someone perform this function for you.

Remember the importance of the follow through. The world of online business is way too competitive to risk losing just one client due to the failure to pay attention to your message box.


Don’t Push too Hard

We can all relate to the experience of having a pushy salesperson try to break us down. It’s uncomfortable and it’s bad for business. The moment you pressure someone into the purchase of a good or service, you risk losing that purchase.

Respect for the client is paramount in running a successful online business. While it’s important to point out the features of what you have to offer, going overboard with a sassy attitude can lead to the loss of a customer.


Avoid the Search Engine Optimization Pitfall

SEO or search engine optimization is a necessity for all successful online businesses. However, it is possible to overdo this aspect of your business. The danger of over optimizing your website on search engines is that many of the top search engines will demote or even ban the perpetrator.

The reason this occurs is that the search engines are designed to detect and ban spam from their systems. If you over optimize, there is a huge chance your site will be seen as ‘spammy’.


Avoid Listing Your Websites in ‘Bad Neighborhoods’

While the main consideration of SEO is attaining exposure for your product line, you want to be careful how you do this, to avoid the ‘bad neighborhood’. What does this mean? It means you may be linking to questionable websites such adult sites or spammy sites, and this can affect your ranking.

A website in a bad neighborhood would be a site that has been banned by search engines. Reasons for this banning include: spamming, link farms, adult, etc. The issue arises due to the fact that online business owners want exposure for their product or service, so in order to do this many wish to obtain as many links as possible.

Sometimes, business owners who are new to the online world will take an offer to pay to have their site linked. Frequently, these paid links are nothing more than bad neighborhoods, and that is just how the search engine sees them. So take care and do your research, as having your business listed there can poorly affect your website’s performance.


A Customer is A Person

The quote “The customer is always right” has been around a long time, and is still recognized as a simple and strong philosophy for your business, so it’s important not to forget.

When you deal with customers, try and remember what it feels like when you are in the market for a service or product, and how you wish to be treated. Excellent customer service skills are a must so keep your bad days in the closet, so to speak, when dealing with customers.

If the circumstance arises where you find you cannot fulfill their needs, make sure you get back to them promptly, explaining that you’ve done all you can. If possible, perhaps you can send them elsewhere. Remember the value of your reputation when dealing with your clients. After all, a satisfied client is a repeat client.

Starting an online business from scratch like is a daunting experience. View the site here. Passion alone won’t cut it as you need to have a sense of how the search engines work, and how to properly design your website. By following the above tips of the trade, you should be well armed to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Remember, don’t be afraid to fall, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, sit back and enjoy the ride – these tips are from someone who’ve been there, done that. So I hope that through these recommendations, you’ll be on your way to the path of success!